Frie Funktionærer

Strategic pre-analysis


Frie Funktionære sells memberships to unemployment benefit, trade unions and wage protection and didn't think their current website was up to date. Its conversions were not satisfactory and were highly inflexible to work in. The desire was therefore to create a new website.

How will our new website create the greatest value for our business?

Before starting, Frie Funktionære wanted to ensure that the new site would create value for the members and support the union's own business as best as possible. That's why they decided to hire Novicell to implement a strategic pre-analysis to thoroughly understand their own needs. 

The pre-analysis involved workshops, interviews, surveys and mapping out the members' journey.

Output from the pre-analysis

The pre-analysis resulted in a collection of findings from both the member journey and input from key internal stakeholders. It also provided an overview of the most important user stories, with details of the needs the website had to satisfy.

The pre-analysis helped Frie Funktionære to clarify their needs. The output also provided an optimal guideline for the designers, who had to create wireframes and a design that would attract and inspire the users of the forthcoming website.

Novicell delivered a structured process with impressive commitment. And this was done with the utmost credibility and respect for the work we do. We are certain that the new website will create greater value.


Lone Hansen, Department Manager in communication, Frie Funktionærer

Working together since 2012

Frie Funktionærer has been working with Novicell since 2012. Trust, great chemistry and strong skills are crucial to them when choosing a digital partner. 

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