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Intelligent Marketing with HubSpot

There is an increasing need for automated, timed and personalised messages. Businesses need to be present where their customers are, with suggestions and answers for the challenges that they’re facing in all parts of the customer journey. You can do this using HubSpot's platform – an intelligent sales and marketing hub.

Novicell has competencies in strategy, marketing, development and design, which makes us able to execute on your ambitions – from the strategic to the technical and operational.

Novicell is a HubSpot Platinum Partner

HubSpot places great emphasis on its partners using the inbound method themselves to create leads and sales. Doing exactly that, and working on many different HubSpot projects, has helped us reach Platinum partnership status at HubSpot.

Being a Platinum Partner requires a sharp professional effort, hands-on experience and a solid customer base. Working with Novicell, you get a partner who has experience working with clients and has mastered the many tools and techniques in HubSpot.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a technical platform, developed with a focus on B2B sales and marketing. It offers a full stack of software that facilitates, systematises and brings together sales, service and marketing disciplines under one roof. In this way, we can collect and process leads in a targeted and efficient manner – to follow and guide customers through the sales funnel.

HubSpot unites the fundamental disciplines within Inbound Marketing.

Segmentation based on advanced criteria on both behaviour, timing and contact information

Integration of buyer personas for segmentation and targeted messaging

Automation of flows customized the different stages of the customer journey

Cross-channel execution (blogs, social media, e-mail)

Lead scoring, categorizing where the lead is in the customer journey

Analytics and reporting

Is HubSpot the right match for you?

HubSpot is primarily relevant for B2B companies and B2C companies with a longer decision-making process. It is especially relevant for companies that sell complex products, services or knowledge and that have a sales organisation. Read more about when HubSpot is a good fit.

To succeed with HubSpot, there must be the right match between the company, the business structure and the system. Therefore, any collaboration with Novicell begins with an analysis of your needs and opportunities to ensure that we choose the right path to achieve the best results.

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