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Novicell is a social media marketing agency based in London and has more than 21 years of experience in software development and digital marketing. We have our own in-house social media agency with social media experts helping major companies with their presence on social media. Our social media experts have taken several certifications and are going to conferences to always be updated on the newest social media trends. We do social media marketing on several channels. We have many years of experience in social media marketing, and we would like to share this with you in this article.

Social Media Marketing

Advertising via social media has become the obvious choice for B2B and B2C companies. With the right approach, social media can help companies gain new customers.

Unlike Google AdWords' search advertising, where adverts are released based on the consumer's intention (such as searching for a particular search word), social media find potential customers using the information users share and create via their interactions. Instead of displaying ads to the consumer reactively, when they search the Internet, social media can proactively advertise to the exact target group, before the user has started to look for your product or your service.

Social media is an excellent choice for advertising because you can use enormous quantities of data about the consumer to define and reach your target group. These advanced targeting opportunities increase the relevance of your advertising and give you the option to personalise your offering. Social media is also an important advertising channel because it provides reliable conversion tracking, excellent user experiences on mobile units and many exciting advertising formats.

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Advertising via social media can help you reach your business goals. This applies whether you want to spread awareness about your business, create demand, get new leads, or even to increase sales or conversions on your website.

Advertising on several Social Media channels

Our social media marketing agency can help you advertise all the famous social media channels. We have in-house experts that has a big expertise on the following social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

How we work with social media as a social media marketing agency

At Novicell we help our customer reach their business goals using advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We use many different tools - entirely dependent on the business goals advertising needs to support. For example:

  • Setting up campaigns and developing text and images for ads
  • Defining target groups based on demographics, interests, behaviour and buying patterns
  • Custom audience - advertising to your customers and visitors on your website
  • Look alike customers - find people like your customers
  • Remarketing
  • Lead generation
  • Dynamic product ads
  • Setting up Meta Pixel
  • Tracking and reporting results

Our Social Media Marketing agency can help you with: 

1. Spend your advertising pounds wisely

Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective kind of advertising since you can reach a lot of people for a few pounds. On average you can spend £5 and reach 1000 people. Compared to traditional media social media advertising are 3x less costly.

2. Advertise to your target audience

Advertising through social media is powerful, however, you can spend a lot of money and reach a lot of people, but if those people you are advertising to is not within your target audience these people will not convert to traffic, leads or sales. Therefore we can help you reach and target your audience based on:

  • Demographics: Run laser-targeted advertisement to people based on their interest and online behaviour. Furthermore, can we target specific ages, gender, locations, income levels and much more. 

  • Email lists: Send your email list to us and we can run custom ads to your email database. If you have an email list of previous leads or customers there is a good opportunity to get repeat sales and new referrals. 

  • Website visitors: Add retargeting pixels to your website and advertise to recent website visitors. Only 1-2% of visitors convert on their first visit. We will use retargeting to increase your rate of conversions. 

3. Get fast results with social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great way to reach fast results. You can generate followers, engagement and website traffic fast. The bigger the budget the more website can we generate traffic can we generate. As you reach more people you will increase awareness, traffic and sales. 

Social Media Marketing - Client process

As a social media marketing agency we have a planned client process. In the following you will see our 6 steps.

Step 1: Client meeting

The first step for our social media marketing agency is to create a relationship with our clients and to get a deep understanding of their business. Furthermore, will we have a talk about the objectives that you as a client is hoping to achieve by the social media marketing actions and as well as your expectations having Novicell as a partner.

Step 2: Assign an experienced Social Media Marketing expert to your account

In the next step, a social media marketing consultant with experience will be assigned to your account to decrease costs and increase results. This person will learn your business in deep and develop your advertising strategy and execute it by running your social media ads. 

Step 3: Develop a real advertising strategy

The first thing that will be made of the social media marketing consultant is a social media marketing strategy. The strategy will be clear and consist ad strategy for your business. The social media marketing strategy will include content ideas, target audience, KPI's and how to reach these KPI's through a proven advertising funnel strategy. 

Step 4: Create engaging advertisements

In the next step, we will create amazing advertisements that people want to click on and engage with. Our social media experts will write everything in relation to the ad; headlines, content,  develop images and so on. We will also A/B split test the advertisements to identify which ads are driving the most results. 

Step 5: Monitor ads and optimising

We will test and optimise on low performing ads. We will keep an eye on your campaign daily so we can react fast if results start declining. In addition, we can launch new ads to keep the results coming in. 

Step 6: Reporting and communication

Novicell's social media marketing consultant will prepare a monthly report for you to view. Novicell will make you a customised dashboard where you can follow the engagement of the social media marketing actions and the results of these. The dashboard will show:

- Number of followers

- Website traffic from these, and

- Conversion rates

and much more depending on the objectives of your objectives.

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