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Novicell has more than 21 years of experience in software development and digital marketing and is an international player with offices in UK, Spain, Norway and Denmark. Novicell has their own in-house YouTube advertising agency with several YouTube advertising experts helping major companies with their YouTube presence. As a YouTube agency, we have a lot of success and experience advertising on YouTube, and therefore, we would like to share our knowledge of why you should advertise on YouTube here.

Why you should be advertising on YouTube

YouTube is a rapidly growing platform and is the second most popular search engine after Google. Over one billion YouTube hours are played across the world every day. This provides an enormous reach and makes YouTube an exciting platform with major potential.

With YouTube, you can advertise to your customers using text and images and thus create engaging content targeted via data-based segmentation criteria. 

Facts about YouTube

YouTube went live in 2005 and it now has over 2 billion users. YouTube is accessible in over 100 countries in more than 80 languages. People upload 500 hours of video on the platform every minute and the number of hours users spend on YouTube is increasing with more than 50% from year to year

Therefore, there is a lot of content that is being watched by many visitors. This makes YouTube one of the most efficient advertising channels, especially if you compare it with TV. The major benefit of YouTube is that your call-to-action is only one click away.

Two types of YouTube advertising

YouTube provides an opportunity to advertise to many different targeted criteria, such as interests, remarketing, subject areas or demographics.

YouTube calls their advertising platform TrueView, which is split into two different advertising types: In-stream and In-display.

In-display Ads

In-display TrueView video ads appear in the search result on YouTube, similar to standard Google Ads.

You can also display ads on the right-hand side of YouTube, while the video is playing. Ads are also shown as encouraging suggestions on YouTube's home page.

For in-display ads, you only pay if visitors click on the ad.

In-stream Ads

In-stream is advertising video ads, which appear before the visitor can watch their desired video. The visitor can skip the ad after 5 seconds if they don't find the content of interest.

You only pay if the user has watched more than 30 seconds of the video, or the whole video if the video ad is under 30 seconds.

This type is often used as a branding video, to spread awareness of the company. That's why it's important that the company's USPs (Unique Selling Points), are displayed - and preferably early on - in the video, so that the user is clear about who the company is. It is also important to make the video personal and for it to contain a form of call-to-action so that the user knows how to contact the company. Finally, it is important that the content is captivating in the first five seconds so that the user is motivated to watch the rest of the video. 

Visitors that voluntarily watch to the end of the video are considered as engaged users who would be interesting for most companies.

6 reasons why you should be advertising on YouTube

  • You get 5 seconds of free exposure.
  • As an advertiser, you only pay when a visitor makes a click to your website or has watched more than 30 seconds of your video. 
  • The typical cost per view (CPV) is less than £0.01.
  • You have the opportunity to segment and target your audience.
  • YouTube is the third most visited website in UK after Google & Facebook.
  • 79% of online adults in UK use YouTube and 26% of them use it several times a day

How did it work for Pilgrim?

The jewellery company ran in-stream video advertising for their spring collection and recorded great results. 




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play rate

Optimise your channel

Many often forget to focus on their channel when working with YouTube as a medium. Many focus too much on advertising.

But we believe that YouTube as a channel is itself a highly important element, not least because it reflects the company's look and acts as a landing page.

That's why it's essential that the channel comes across as consistent with the company's website. Equally important is to create engaging content that users can interact with, just like with other social media.

It's quite simply not enough to make ads and other commercial content. It's better to have a strategy as to what the purpose and the content of the channel should be. This obviously depends on the type of company and industry. That's why the channel's content should reflect the purpose. Is the goal to sell products, branding or to increase awareness?

Next, consider who the channel's target group is, and the value you want to give them. It's important to think about your target group when developing videos, as these should reflect behaviour, interests and needs.

This makes the channel an even more valuable platform that can generate relevant traffic for your website.

Advertising in own videos

In addition to traditional video ads, where you try to boost selected videos, you can also create smaller ads in your videos on the channel.

You can create small ads in the videos that direct the user straight to the website, such as via a call-to-action text or a good offer.

Shopping ads on YouTube

Shopping ads on YouTube bring purchase options right up to where the consumers are. 

However, this requires your company to run videos on YouTube.

Read more about Google Shopping

Reach out to your customers using YouTube Shopping Advertisement

Did you know that you can utilize your shopping feed to advertise on YouTube? With shopping ads on YouTube, the shopping opportunities have come even closer to where the consumers are. However, it requires that your company has videos on YouTube. 

There are many possibilities so where do you start? We have listed our recommendations to YouTube shopping advertising below. 

YouTube Shopping Advertisement

You might already be familiar with the regular Google Shopping Advertisement that is shown in the top of Google SERPs - if not can you read about Google Shopping here.

With YouTube Shopping you have same opportunities so people can click directly in your video advertisement, where you can integrate clickable links and references in the video.

The intention with this kind of advertisement is to bring the user even closer to the an when they already are spending time on YouTube. 

Is YouTube Shopping something for you? 

If you already have experience with Google shopping and have a well-optimised product feed, YouTube advertisement might be something for you. YouTube used to be an entertainment media but today people have shown an increasing interest in YouTube advertisement. This is due to the younger generation that spends a lot of time on YouTube to gather information before a potential buy.

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