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Novicell is an international SEO agency in London, UK. Our international SEO agency helps client to expand their SEO beyond the borders of their country. We have more than 21 years of experience with international SEO, so our experts have a lot of knowledge about international SEO. With our many years of international SEO knowledge as an international SEO agency, we would like to share our knowledge. Keep reading and learn more about international SEO and what we can do for you as an agency.

International SEO is a process where you shift the focus of your website from your home country to one or more additional countries. The main objective is to increase the site’s visibility on search engines in the targeted countries to boost traffic to the website.

Targeting a new market with your website is similar to expanding your whole business. With that in mind, you should not expand your website or business to a new country without first knowing why you are doing it. You need a strategy.

Spending resources and time on expanding your business is meaningless if there is no need for your product or service in the country, or if there is already a superior product that you cannot compete against.

At Novicell, our international SEO strategy helps you through the whole process of expanding your business to one or several markets. We have a tested and proven process of scaling businesses to multiple markets.

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International SEO – your benefits             

Going international with your site has several benefits, especially when using Novicell as your partner and international SEO agency. We can consult you through the whole process as a full-service digital marketing agency. This makes it easier to control your cost and development.

Gain a bigger customer base

Generate more traffic, leads and sales

Grow customer brand awareness

Gain a competitive advantage

One partner and one total solution

Control of costs and development

Your international SEO strategy

Setting up a clear strategy for how to expand your business in current or new countries using SEO is crucial for success. Furthermore, aligning the SEO strategy together with the overall business strategy is a must to succeed.

Every SEO strategy that is made at our international SEO agency is customised to the exact objectives, resources, and budget of our customers, and is implemented in close relation with them.

We have created a workflow that highlights the different processes that need to be considered when going international. A default international SEO strategy can be seen below.

1. Introduction  

The first important step in the process is to introduce the parties to each other. This builds a good relationship and gives Novicell a deeper understanding of your business, objectives, strategy, resources, budget and the potential countries you want to expand to.

2. Current situation

Before creating a strategy, it is important to know which markets you want to expand to. As an employee in the company, you will have a good understanding of where to find your own potential markets. Since Novicell is an international SEO consulting company, we will also do a review of where we see potential.  

Using our measurements, we will get a better understanding of:

  • Where your current traffic comes from and how many keywords you rank for in the respective countries
  • The competition in the respective countries
  • The demand for your product or services in selected countries

With a clear understanding of your strategy, objectives and current situation, Novicell will be able to set up KPIs. Your ultimate objective is probably to increase leads, sales, and profit. However, a lot of metrics can indicate, if you are moving in the right direction. At Novicell we most commonly investigate these five measurements:

  1. SEO visibility
  2. Rankings and their development
  3. Traffic to the website
  4. Traffic to the most visited pages
  5. Conversion rate

3. Technical evaluation

It is important to ensure that a website functions optimally before optimising it and trying to lead traffic to it, so the customer gets the best user experience. 

Novicell will analyse your website from a technical SEO perspective. Furthermore, we will look into tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google Tag Manager. These tools are essential in terms of understanding the customer's behaviour.

When the technical errors, such as top-level-domain structure, Hreflang and page speed etc, are identified and fixed, we can move on to the next step. 

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4. Market research

As an international SEO agency, Novicell always investigates the market(s) into which you want to expand your organic presence. First, we look into the cultural differences in the market to understand if there are any essential changes required to your current design.

There is a big difference in the way that different cultures want products and services presented on websites. To ensure that your website converts optimally, an understanding of this is key.

Furthermore, it is important to understand your customers' search behaviour. It is essential to know which search engine is the most popular in the respective country, as well as being aware of which keywords your audience searches for.

This process will provide a list of 10 to 30 relevant and precise keywords for your product or service. Since a company will often be selling more than one product, we must analyse keywords for each product or service. It is crucial to find the most relevant keywords where the competition is low so that you can enjoy the benefits of the low-hanging fruits. 

When we have chosen the keywords, we will offer you the chance to validate them depending on your resources. When the analysis is completed, and the keywords are approved, we will move on the next step of Novicell's international SEO process. 


5. Implementation

Once the keywords have been chosen, our international SEO experts will investigate whether you have the content supporting the keywords that your audience uses.

If you already have relevant content for the keywords, we will analyse how that content can be optimised. This is done by researching which questions the customers often search for in relation to your products. You could include answers to those questions in your content to create more value for your customers and increase your visibility in the search engines.

You will be able to give feedback on the content that we optimise. 

6. Reporting and data analysis 

Novicell creates an international SEO dashboard that shows you trends over the most important KPIs. 

The dashboard can be adjusted for you to get a local dashboard for each individual country. You will also have a global dashboard with all the countries in which you are operating.

The process of making the dashboards is separated into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Default setup with data from Google Analytics in one country.
  • Phase 2: Novicell customises the dashboard according to your objectives. This is done by organising a workshop (three to four hours) with our Business Intelligence department to make sure that the dashboards fulfil your needs.
  • Phase 3: We expand the dashboard into other countries as you increase your scope.

Combining the strength of SEO & translation

Novicell has partnered up with the biggest translation companies in the world such as translate plus & LanguageWire to create a superior international SEO product. This ensures that copy is correctly targeted towards a specific country.

Demand for international SEO has seen a dramatic rise in the last years – an indicator that companies around the world want to scale their business not only by being present in different countries but also by gaining the most traffic, sales, and revenue from the customers in that market.

Competencies that ensure your international SEO success

Novicell and our translation partners have several years of experience with international SEO. We have a big customer base of international companies and we are committed to further education and training. We attend relevant conferences to keep up with the biggest and newest trends in the industry. The end goal is for Novicell to be competitive amongst the best and most skilled companies in the field.


Combining the strength

Millions of translated words every year and thousands of business customers

SEO experts with more than 18 years of experience 

Translations to more than 175 languages 

Helping more than 50 companies every month using SEO for growing their business

Thousands of industry-specialised translators

Deep understanding of SEO including continuous training and development

Furthermore, Novicell is a full-service digital marketing agency. If you need to increase your digital marketing efforts in a certain country, then we can help you with everything from software development, digital marketing, digital strategy, data value, and digital design on a global scale.

Integration of SEMrush 

Novicell uses SEMrush to keep an eye on the countries in which you want to operate. SEMrush is an SEO tool that shows you potential errors and opportunities for quick wins in relation to keywords and content.

We create an account in SEMrush for free. If you want to use the program within your company, which we highly recommend, you can buy the licence and solve a lot of the tasks yourself. If you need more information about SEMrush licences, please do not hesitate to ask.

International SEO case study


Our international SEO product has shown results in several countries. Here, we present a case study where Novicell increased online visibility for Excedo, owned by Nikkei Inc. and The Financial Times, below.

Excedo's purpose is to help individuals improve their carrier opportunities, and help companies improve their ability to communicate with a global audience. Excedo was launched on a global site in 2017. In 2019, Excedo chose to expand its product to the Japanese market. Excedo wanted to increase their online visibility on its global site as well as on its Japanese site. 

The partnership with Excedo included international SEO and international online advertising. An in-depth international SEO strategy was made to help increase organic visibility on Google and Yahoo, which are the most used search engines in Japan. 


Novicell's international SEO activities:

  • We completed a full technical analysis, and solved all technical errors for both websites. This ensured a good user experience for customers visiting the global and Japanese website.
  • We completed in-depth keyword analysis on both websites was completed, and created meaningful content in cooperation with Excedo.  
  • Finally, we implemented a link-building strategy was completed and implemented on both websites. This ensured powerful links.


increase in organic traffic to the new site in six months

This was in due to the organic ranking in search engines on both a global and Japanese market.

Excedo will be launching in Mexico soon. Novicell is already helping them with international SEO and determining the right strategy in terms of achieving the best possible results with search engines. 

Novicell has developed and implemented effective international SEO strategies to help us increase our website traffic and optimise ROI. They have also implemented strategic search engine marketing campaigns on multiple channels and provided the analysis and recommendations to drive conversions.  

I am highly satisfied with the quality of their digital marketing services and collaborative approach. I am grateful for their expertise and dedication.

Sayaka Soma, Digital Marketing Manager, Excedo

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