Standard Umbraco Development Project

Do you want to know what to expect when you decide to work with Novicell? Find out below all the steps we are taking in building the perfect Umbraco development project for our clients.


Stage 1: Client meeting

The first step in any Umbraco development project is to have a client meeting. In the client meeting, Novicell will make sure to understand the client’s expectations, wishes and needs in relation to the Umbraco project.



Stage 2: Workshop

In the second stage of the Umbraco development project, a workshop will be held. The main goal of the workshop is for Novicell to understand the client’s objectives in relation to the project and to get an understanding of the client’s competitors and stakeholders.



Stage 3: Wireframes

After the two first steps, Novicell has an understanding of how the client wants their Umbraco website to be designed and function. Novicell will then present a graphical view of how the final website will look like.

If the client agrees to this design and structure of the website, the project can continue. If not, Novicell and the client will have another look into how the client would like to design and structure their Umbraco website. Then Novicell will make a new sketch for the client that hopefully will be closer to the client’s expectations.

Stage 4: Graphics & Design

When the client has agreed to the sketch in stage 3, Novicell will start making the graphics & design of, normally, the front-page plus a category page.

These two pages will then be shown to the client on a desktop and mobile device, so the client can get the feeling of how the design is going to look like. The client might have some last-minute additions and Novicell will know on the basis of this how the rest of the pages on the website should look like.

In this stage, the design department also checks with the software development department if the design works in their technic.

Stage 5: Design approval with client

In the fifth stage of the Umbraco development project, the client approves or rejects the design.



Stage 6: Development phase

The sixth step in the Umbraco development project is twofold because Umbraco has developed a new product; Umbraco Premium.

  1. Traditional Umbraco CMS

    Traditionally when checking that the installation of both backend and frontend works simultaneously we will first make the design and then change the design to HTML. This code will then be put into the CMS system and from there you will rebuild and reconstruct in the current CMS.

    This is slightly different in Umbraco Premium.

  2. New Umbraco Premium

In Umbraco Premium the design is already made, so here you can rebuild and reconstruct directly in the CMS.

The specific process of the development phase always depends on the individual solution and the features and/or needs that the client might how to the final solution.

Stage 7: Guidance / Course / Workshop

The website is now built.

In this stage of the Umbraco development project, Novicell will guide the client around their new Umbraco website so they know how to navigate both in the content editor and on the website.

The client might have questions about the website that can be answered.

Novicell provides separate workshops for different user-groups of the website to ensure that every user-group knows and understands how to use their new Umbraco CMS optimally.

Depending on the client’s needs, Novicell provides the client’s content writers with an opportunity to work at Novicell's office for one or two days where they can receive further guidance if they require one.

Stage 8: Staging Site

The staging site of the Umbraco development project can be used before and after the website goes live.

Before the website goes live:

The staging environment can be used as a local database where you can store your content, so the content is ready when the website goes live.

The staging site will normally be where the training session will take place.

After the website has gone live:

When the website is live, the staging site is used by Novicell to try out new features or functionalities of the solution. Often the client will need to accept the change before the change can go live on the website, and therefore the change will first be made in the staging site and then it can be added to the live website when the client has given their approval. 

Stage 9: Measurement and Health Check

In this stage of the Umbraco development project, Novicell makes sure that the new Umbraco website is performing optimally.

This stage includes, among other, measuring page speed and performing SEO Health Check to make sure that old pages are redirected correctly to the new website.

Stage 10: Website goes live

In this stage of the Umbraco development project, the website is ready to go live.



Stage 11: Operating phase

The phase of operation and service of the Umbraco development project where Novicell, depending on what is agreed, is taking care off and maintaining the website. Novicell also provides further development of the website to ensure that the website performs optimally. 


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